Running Prosperity Path Games On Mac

First, let's establish the following simple fact: Prosperity Games require a Windows operating system environment to run. We do not have at this time an xcode or other native Mac version.

When it comes to running Prosperity Path games on a Mac there are several solutions that people have been using. I'll list them below -- along with advantages and disadvantages of each.

1) Bootcamp

The iMac computers will run bootcamp quite nicely. Bootcamp will make it so that when you boot your computer you have the choice of starting Windows or starting Mac OS. If you boot into Mac OS it is regular ol' Mac. And when you boot into Windows, it behaves just like a regular PC.

  • Advantage: Runs just the same as on a Windows machine.
  • Disadvantage: need to purchase a copy of WinXP, need to reboot computer to switch between Mac OS and Windows.

2) Parallels

Parallels will run in the Mac OS creating a virtual machine that allows Windows to work -- like a program right in your Mac desktop.

  • Advantage: No need for reboot to use Mac programs.
  • Disadvantage: need to purchase a copy of WinXP, and, does not perform as fast as regular PC.

3) Dedicated Auxiliary Computer

Some people find it convenient to purchase an inexpensive windows pc for gaming purposes.

  • Advantage: Runs programs just like a regular PC -- it is a regular pc. No need to reboot or clutter your mac with windows stuff.
  • Disadvantage: Just the cost.

4) Install Onto USB & Use Games on Friend's PC Or CyberCafe

We have more than a few folks that have made the choice to install their Prosperity Path games onto a USB thumb drive, then use that drive on friend's windows pc OR at cooperating cyber cafes. In some cases this is used because the person's main computer is a mac. In other cases, the individuals just don't have a computer or a place to put a computer.

  • Advantage: Portable, runs programs just as fast as when installed on pc. Easy to show games to friends. Don't need a windows computer of your own.
  • Disadvantage: You are dependent upon the schedule of friends and/or cyber cafes.

Yes we noticed...

Yes we noticed that some of the above solutions actually involve running the games on substitute computers rather than the Mac in question.

We are not trying to be tricky or pull the wool over your eyes. The above are solutions that have been reported to us by our friends that are in the real world situation of having Mac as their main computer and still want to run the Prosperity Path games. These solutions are their solutions.

If you find a better or different solution, please let us know. We would like to add it to the above list.

We Want To Make Prosperity Path Available To Our Mac Friends

We very much want to make the Prosperity Path material available to our Mac friends. However, since our small programming team happens to be windows guys, we don't have the in-house talent to port the game engine to Mac. When time, energy, and resources permit, we would very much like to create a Mac, iphone, iPad, Android, & Tablet version of these incredible tools. Hopefully soon.

If you'd like to help and can contribute please let us know. Help is most welcome.

p.s. That goes for every area of Prosperity Path.