How Does It Work

An Active Blessing is a Prayer or Invocation that is specifically acted out in the Quantum Dimension of Cyberspace. I like to call this action my Prosperity Path Active Blessing.

It's done by downloading and running one of my Prosperity Path Remedies for personal, business, friends and family goals and purposes, or my Prosperity Path Class Levels for higher goals and purposes.

In my Prosperity Path Levels, you can easily find and run any goal or purpose whether personal and private or universally shared cosmic inspiration, love and harmony. Running the Level increases the percentage of probability that your goal or purpose will succeed.

You will need a PC computer that can run OpenGL, and a means of downloading the Levels. Laptops will work, even a little $350 Acer runs the orbs incredibly fast.

For the purpose of giving you an Avatar and a space in which to accumulate "Mojo" for your Active Affirmation, I make what we call an "Orb" -- a sphere, a ball of existence -- which consists of what could be considered a series of chambers encased within the Blackness of the Open Void.

I do this, using the GODD 3-D Simulation Engine and XxaxX Crafted Resources. The engine is capable of anything produced today including WoW and Diablo 3, however, I use it with a very simple non-photographic Reductionist style of architecture.

I can reproduce any environment, including the feel of walking through it, and can prove it with the environments that have been experienced by living persons who have testified that my environments, produced without photographs or other physical references, are "stunningly accurate" and "breathtakingly precise" reproductions of actual known spaces.

Our very own developed 3-D GODD Engine provides me with the ability to reproduce any environment that exists anywhere in or out of the known universe, and the sound, texture and object resources and thousands of internal "effects" create the many virtual objects and experiences which are the very magical and mystical ingredients of your True Love Forever Blessing.

You might want to know how an "Orb" -- a Quantum Sphere of Existence within a field of Voidness -- is made, and with exactly what ingredients. Fair enough question, and I'm happy to answer it in detail:

Number one, all items are virtual MP2 Models. Yes, MP2. Tried other formats, but magically, they all suck except MP2, who knows why, but that's the bottom line. So we construct vintage MP3 3-D models for each of the Blessing Devices -- amulets, talismen, charms, bracelets, necklaces, candles, incenses, powders, bottled essential oils and parfums -- and we make 3-D models of them, plus a model that represents YOU, placed placidly within your special enchanted universe of Godhood, Affirmation & Power and, of course, all the architecture and magical and alchemical ceremonial and ritual apparati that go along with the affirmation process.

Many of the objects you'll come across in my levels are from my own personal collection of ritual objects, mostly from Tibet, Japan in the Edo Period, and many ancient sites including Nineveh and my old stomping grounds along the Nile. I am lucky to have incredible photographs of many ritual and ceremonial tools and Claude has used my actual photos in the construction of the models used as resources in my Prosperity Path Levels.

I use a virtual SuperBeacon Tesla Dunwoody Type Front-End Coil Antenna Rig with a Morgan Antenna Tuner and a Bucher Crystal Radio QRM Rejector and a Quantum Device called an Induction Ring.

You'll also find a variety of CQR Amulets related to the goal or purpose of the active affirmation, such as "General Prosperity" or it might be very specific, such as: "Addiction Be Gone".

There will also be a number of pickup items, items to be picked up along the way. You will hear a voice tell you what you've picked up, along with a text screen message telling you what you've got in your inventory. If you want to see the entire contents of your backpack, just press the F6 button on the top row of buttons on your keyboard. You may never have used those before, but you will now.

Many folks have asked "Should I pick up anything in there?" and "Should I pick up everything in there???".

The answer is that those items in the level are there for you to pick up and add to your "Mojo" or spiritual power, along with specific affirmations and luck charms. You will also find and pick up for your purposes a variety of scrolls, runes, talismen and other items that relate to your goal or purpose, but mostly it classifies under the category of "Mojo", and that's what the Spirit of the Labyrinth will tell you..."More Mojo", meaning you've picked up something important for your Blessing.

Only those items which relate specifically to your goal or purpose will be included in the Orb (level). You won't be performing any unrelated tasks, just those directly in the Cause-Path of your goal. The long and short of it is that you should try to pick up absolutely everything you can possibly find in the Labyrinth and apply it to your goal or purpose.

Anything that's made today has by law a list of ingredients, even housepaint and the casual donut -- hey, that's a great name for a donut chain, isn't it??? Use it if you wish, I have no foreseeable use for it. I spelled it "donut" instead of "dough-nut" because this morning I suddenly found myself sitting around in the 21st century all of a sudden.

So what was I saying when I interrupted myself to look at this Tarot Reading I receive at the start of every Blessing ... oh, yes ... now it comes back to me ... ingredients!

My Dad Horace told me something I've never forgotten since; everything that consists of a blend of stuff must by definition have ingredients.

All packages these days have ingredients. I've already mentioned several of the standard ingredients, as listed above.

So here's a list of the general ingredients of the True Love Forever Prosperity Path Level:

Banishing//Dispelling//Protection//Binding//Will Power//Peace in my Home//True Happiness//Wellness//Energy Wellspring//Prosperity//Success//Good Day Blessing//

And here's a list of the specific ingredients of the True Love Forever Prosperity Path Level:

Akashic Love Candle//Love Me Forever Powder//Find My Soul Mate Amulet//Beautiful Hair//Beauty Forever//Beautiful Breasts//Beautiful Butt//Magic Mirror Mojo//Enhanced Erotic Mood Perfume//Hottie Pants//Sebekh Fertility Ritual//Do It With Me Enchantment//Look Good Naked Oil//Get a Lover//Attraction//Erotic Obsession//Trust//Commitment//BFF//Crush on You//Banish Jealousy//Enduring Relationship Dust//Enchant my Lover Scroll//Give me a Baby Incantation//Have Sex With Me Jumbo Red Candle//I Am So Sexy Oil//I am Hot Oil//I am Cool Oil//I Rock Oil//Sexual Desires Bath Salts//Urgent for Sex Bath Powder//Better Sex Body Oil//Tantric Sex Oil//Enhance Our Sex Oil//Black Cat Oil//Longer Sex Salts//Loving Sex Bath Salts//Steamy Hot Sex Powder//Languid Sex Oil//Booty Shake Sexual Turn-on Oil//Lust for Sex Oil//Heal Broken Love Yellow over Red Candle//Come to Me Oil//Perfect Lover Incense//Perfect Partner Incantation//Empower & Ascend//Bless Our Children//Peaceful Partnership//Good Vibrations//Stop All Gossip//Lunar Goddess Invocation//Be With Me Forever//Banish Heartbreak//Banish Loneliness//

These ingredients are plugged into the Orb by me; I place them in there and make sure they're available to the Operator -- that's you.

Each of these items are available for pickup and mix and they all get used in the final outcome. How you mix them? You don't have to -- the Level Goddess does it all for you. But you are responsible to take the action-steps of collecting whatever magic items you can find in the time allowed; all these magical items get automatically mixed, producing whatever result happens. The more magic you find, the more powerful the active affirmation.

Magic-Find is a skill and an art.

You will eventually learn Crafting -- how to put the Magical Elements of Prayer, Blessings and Affirmations together into a working composite that can go out over the Ether Waves and will Do No Harm.

Empowering Your Affirmations is easy as pie. Just walk through the Orb from start to finish and find and pick up absolutely everything you can!

Everything is automatic, except your job -- find everything needed to complete the affirmation and walk it through to the end of the level, where you get a cap and finish on the affirmation, sending it outward and upward.

Since all those thing are included, any one of them might be your purpose for running the Remedy. If none of those are desired, find the level that best fits your current goals and purposes.

Each level has built into it many Blessings and Prayers, nothing negative or griefing, so you could run it just to feel it; couldn't hurt, and might just help. Goals can be higher -- merely use the energy boost, treating the level as a shamanic ally.

Good luck, I hope you enjoy the levels as well as receiving Benefits and Blessings From Above through their usage. BTW, each and every Orb contains a copy of my Secrets of Bluelining 101 Book which tells ALL of my World-Making Secrets!!! To open book merely run the Level!!!

See You At The Top!!!