Frequently Asked Questions

About Prosperity Path

It just might be Prosperity. But is it legal? Is it moral? Is it ethical? Is it witchcraft?

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Getting Started

Getting started on the Prosperity Path is easy. Follow these three simple instructions.

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Game Requirements

Will the game orbs run on my computer. This is a good qeustion. An important question for sure.

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How Does Prosperity Path Work?

In my Prosperity Path Levels, you can easily find and run any goal or purpose whether personal and private or universally shared cosmic inspiration, love and harmony. Running the Level increases the percentage of probability that your goal or purpose will succeed.

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Who Does The Work?

"I claim that my Prosperity Path Orbs will in fact assist the Being in reducing Karma. Karma is the force that drives the Karmic Wheel. My Prosperity Path Orbs will assist the Being in getting off the Wheel. In addition, I promise that when you have successfully and cheerfully used any of my Prosperity Path Remedy Orbs, you will feel better about yourself, your life and your world.

"Think of the Prosperity Path Remedy Orbs as 3-D sermons, prayers or affirmations and you.ll get the idea . that ultimately, YOU are responsible for your own trip."

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How to Run a Prosperity Path Level

If you.re wondering how to run a Prosperity Path Level, nothing could be simpler. I.ll give you a total step by step rundown, and here it is!

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Free From In-Game Fees

What does this mean? And, how does it relate to the Orbs?

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The Laws That Make It Work

All this talk about MOJOs, and what the heck-darn are they, anyway, and what do they do?

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Can I Run Prosperity Path On My Mac

When it comes to running Prosperity Path games on a Mac there are three solutions that people have been using. We will them -- along with advantages and disadvantages of each.

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