Why Does Finishing Game Go To Website?

Question: I bought the Prosperity Path Game and got to the part where it shuts down if i continued into the next room and was "taken to Urthgame.com" website. Why is that? Confused about this. thanks.

There are several reasons for this procedure. Some are mundane-ish, and some are part of the quantum entanglement that let's the games work the way they do.

First the most important reason: exiting the game by opening the Urthgame.com website will help to seal the deal -- meaning it completes the cycle and brings the game to full closure.

Second: we are in the process of implementing a feedback system that will analyse the results of your orb run and give you instant feedback about "what the heck the numbers down below mean." This feedback will be private and transparent. By private we mean that only you will be seeing this feedback. (We do not store or track anything that is related to you personally.)

Third: we will be able to give you important news about updates concerning the orb you have just finished running.

Obviously the first reason is by far the most important. A brief invocation of the webpage will properly encapsulate a karma run assuring that the work you just put into running the orb is processed.

Do I need to do anything in particular when the webpage comes up?. No, the simple invocation of the page is sufficient to accomplish the purpose. Just close the page as you wish, or browse around. Either way is fine.