About Prosperity Path

It's easy to sign up. What you're signing up for is to be informed when Prosperity Levels are available for download. That'll be soon, but not this very moment. We have a few minor details to iron out, first, not the least of which is a minor bug involving the music. It's easy to handle, but hasn't been gotten to quite yet with the rush of all the other things needed to get Prosperity into your hands!

Okay, so the time frame is somewhere around 48 hours to a max of 96 hours for you to have an actual first-run Prosperity Remedial Level, which is gonna be fun and amazingly addictive! Don't worry, this is a healthy addiction, one that might easily replace a rotten one (technical term for an unwanted addiction).

Speaking of addictions, if you analyze what an addiction really is, you end up with something that is free of the social connotations and deals strictly with issues of health and well-being. Chemical addiction should be handled by medical folks, who have the means and knowledge to deal with the hassles of getting off stuff.

What I think is manageable with Prosperity Path Remedials are those addictions of the spirit, toward things not really good for us as spiritual beings. The Prosperity Remedials put YOU at the controls, back behind the head, where you, as an Operating Soul, belong!

I looked for a word throughout several languages and invented a few of my own for something that accurately and clearly describes "the spiritual part of our nature that operates the body but whose origin is not the organic material world", without having to explain that that's what I meant.

Some schools and paths have chosen Greek letters to describe this spiritual thing that is us, floating about a meter behind and ten centimeters above the head of the person designated as "us". It even has a name.

Greek letters be darned, I wanted something that was instantly recognizable and said it all without requiring more explanation than just the word itself. Now, to me, "Alpha" or "Gamma" or "Delta" wouldn't do, wouldn't do at all. Why? Because those letters are not in general use.

Oh, sure, I hear those who always bring exceptions to the table.

General use means common use by common folks, and Greek letters are definitely not what you'd encounter in the tabloids.

That's right, tabloids. It is my fullest intention to make Properity Path available to those who would ordinarily never dream of trying to change their lives toward the better. It's not that they think they've got it good. Nobody in their right mind thinks they've got it good in this world-economic catastrophe -- and it's nothing less than catastrophic to those around me in trouble, in danger of losing their jobs, their homes, their families and their hope for the future.

Is it any wonder then that someone in that situation might try something desperate, something they've never tried before?

It just might be Prosperity.

But is it legal? Is it moral? Is it ethical? Is it witchcraft?

Legal, yes, emphatically legal, to try to better your condition. Even the government likes it when you improve yourself, because it makes you a better taxpayer and a more likely voter.

Is it moral?

Depends on whom you ask. Some say yes, some say no, but that's the very nature of morals. Morals are fine as long as you don't try to cram your brand of morals on someone else's forehead. Righteousness is often mistaken for morality. Being doggedly and meanly righteous can often get you your way, but along with it comes a reputation for ugly.

Is it ethical. That's very different from moral, don't you see???

Ethics has to do with a code of conduct dedicated toward the common good. That's it by definition. "Do no Harm" is the Hippocratic Oath, and is the very heart of Prosperity Path.

Now then, we come to the Ultimate FAQ:

Is it witchcraft?

If by witchcraft you mean the practice of Lunar Worship by pagans, the answer is no. Well, it certainly doesn't preclude pagans, but Prosperity Path is not actually anything but itself.

If on the other hand you meant by witchcraft the practice of attempting to alter one's life and to help others through invisible means, I guess I'm guilty of witchcraft, and so are you.

Every time you think good thoughts for a person who is ill or in need, every time you mutter a prayer or send up a heart's throb of energy toward someone else's need, you're practicing something, that's for sure, and some folks call it witchcraft.

On the other hand, some folks call it prayer.

Still others call it affirmation, and yet others will insist it's Invisible Forces to whom they offer fruits and vegetables. Others are equally convinced that they and they alone have the real handle on all this stuff, and they call all others who actively use prayer "witches" in hopes that their congregation will somehow benefit over the others...not a great practice, karmically speaking.

So what the heck was I ... oh, yeh ... how do I sign up for Prosperity Path? You find a way. That's part of your training.

HINT: It's not that hard to find a contact page or an email address -- or ask a friend who's already on the list how they got on it.

See You at the Top!!!