Who Does The Work?

One of the major points overlooked by human "modern medicine" (a term no off-worlder can hear without cracking up into peals of helpless laughter) is, as mentioned previously, the effect of Past Lives on the present lifetime. Also unconsidered are the many disembodied spirits that may intentionally or unintentionally cause harm or mischief. Yet another, as mentioned before, is the totality of effect of the buildup of Karma, which must be reduced every day in order to live an effective work life, but the most unconsidered cause of relief of human ailments of all kinds is Angelic Help. Yes, angels are real. And under the right conditions, they can and will respond with powerful intervention.

Okay, that having been said, I want to make perfectly clear my official position on all Orbs:

You do all the work. The Orb merely suggests paths which you can take or not take, and indicates events that are occurring in that world. This guarantees nothing about your present condition.

In accordance with the Laws of the Land of the Free, the Land of Total Religious Freedom, I make the following claim or claims for my product, ie; Prosperity Path Remedial Orbs:

"This product is intended for entertainment only. No supernatural claims are made for this product."

Haw, haw, haw!!! That's the disclaimer that was forced on all non-Christian manufacturers of off-brand candles, incense, oils, powders, bath salts and health foods throughout the last half of the previous century which, according to my calculations and my Trans-Dimensional Watch, turns out to have been the XXth, if I read my watch correctly.

The fact is that my Orbs help the Being to discover the root causes of many unpleasing and work-disturbing things, and most of them are Out Of This World.

That means that from the standpoint of this planet, the root causes addressed in the Orbs would be non-physical, non-mental and non-emotional in the ordinary senses of the words, if you follow my meaning. In short, Problems of the Spirit which manifest as illness, unhappiness, bitterness, disappointment and ultimately, at death, total failure.

What I'm getting at is that these areas are ordinarily unaddressed by modern human medicine as practiced at present on Planet Earth, and they need to be addressed, or the root cause will still be in place, regardless of how thoroughly the symptoms might be suppressed.

We're not talking about physical organic health here, or mental or emotional health. I have my own opinions about what constitutes mental health and public mental health concepts fall far short of the mark. It's not about prolongation of Life; it's about Quality of Life.

Years ago, we had to hide the fact that we were doing I-Ching throws, Palmistry, Astrology or Tarot readings, although anyone can go to Confession and nobody gets busted for that, because it's part of the accepted cattle-path behavior of the Average American.

Back a few years ago, I got taken rather roughly "downtown", meaning the precinct, for doing a Tarot reading for my friend Jose Ferrer (that's us in the photo above) at another friend's restaurant, "The Oddyssey" on Sunset Boulevard across from Hollywood High and around the corner from "The Blue Grotto". It was, in short, a non-commercial interaction on private property. But it wasn't about law; it was about fear, fear of the unknown.

Of course I wasn't prosecuted and couldn't have been, not successfully, even under the so-called "California Witch Laws" of 1969, but I lost an afternoon at the police station for nothing, and the city spent thousands of taxpayer dollars on this stupid example of police intervention where it's easy, to avoid confronting the real offenders, who have automatic weapons and a system of alerts and alarms should the police wander accidentally into their control command neighborhood.

One amusing sidelight; at this time I was on payroll to an agency and carried an ID that I couldn't offer to a local law enforcement guy, nor could I reveal this to the precinct sergeant. I took it with a smile, and with a few clever quips hanging in mid-air well above the heads of the intended, I left the station in good cheer, having made a desk sergeant's day. Actually, I have to admit it, it was fun for me, too.

But what the heck, taxpayers spend billions a year to maintain a legal and taxation system that failed to be fair to all classes more than a century ago, and I felt just a bit guilty at having caused so much legal fuss.

Even though there is still a lot of "attitude" about non-standard religious groups and practices, there's also a lot more intolerance out there than there ever was, in this time of grief and struggle. You're allowed now to meditate, burn incense and have tantric sex. When I first came on-scene in 1941, that wasn't true.

Am I a qualified psychologist? No, even though I've taught it and been chief admin at the Cowichan Centre for Gestalt Learning, with many clinical psychs working under my direction; I also organized and directed the Center for Conscious Birth, with several M.D.s and R.N.s on my staff, plus many trainers and coaches for the many home deliveries we did over a five year period in Los Angeles. Why did we close down? Because nobody can offer a $350 doctor and nurse assisted home birthing plan that includes pre and post natal care and get away with it. We were working for the underprivileged, and they don't have a vote, as well you know.

Psychologist I'm not. Doctor I'm not. Healer I am, but Doctor I am emphatically not!!! What am I? The best you can nail it down is that I'm Not From Around Here.

Some of my best friends are Angels. Would you like their help? Climb into the Driver's Seat of one of my Prosperity Orbs and that's mostly the help you'll get, invoked automatically by the Orb as you proceed through it, triggering off Angelic Calls and Intonations, smudges, oil disseminations and more.

Hey, I came to help, but like any lifeguard worth his weight in sea-salt, I have to be trained well, in order to know how to effectively and harmlessly help someone who is struggling and trying to bring me down with him.

What I mean is that most of the time, the knee-jerk reaction of the local population is to get out the big roasting pot, the rope, feathers, tar, pitchforks and torches, in a very convincing imitation of a bunch of riled-up Hell-Beings on a spree.

These days, I believe I can be frank and clear about what my Orbs are intended to do. They are, indeed for amusement and entertainment, and should be rated "G". Other than that, I have a few definite claims that I'd like to make for my Orbs:

I claim that my Prosperity Path Orbs will in fact assist the Being in reducing Karma. Karma is the force that drives the Karmic Wheel. My Prosperity Path Orbs will assist the Being in getting off the Wheel. In addition, I promise that when you have successfully and cheerfully used any of my Prosperity Path Remedy Orbs, you will feel better about yourself, your life and your world.

Think of the Prosperity Path Remedy Orbs as 3-D sermons, prayers or affirmations and you'll get the idea -- that ultimately, YOU are responsible for your own trip. Whattaya think I am, some sort of magician??? I have spoke.

See You At The Top!!!