Problem & Questions

Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?

This is normal (or at least what passes for normal in the world of Windows 7). We are not an unknown publisher. Heck, we can look in any mirror and recognize ourselves. However, we have not paid money to Microsoft, nor gone through any special registration procress. Hence, we are unknown to Microsoft and Windows 7.

In case you are wondering we make very few changes to the computer. We will modify the game ini file (found in the game directory) and we will create log files that can be used for diagnostics if anything goes wrong (again in the game directory).

We specially do NOT change or use the registry in any fashion, nor do we modify files in the system folders. We like to keep to ourselves.

Windows message: "This Program Might Not Have Installed Correctly" (Windows 7)

This happens from time to time, or all the time depending upon your Windows 7, when installing our gaming orbs. This is almost always not a problem.

This is happening because we develop our games on Win98 and WinXP -- I know, ancient :)

When this occurs, please modify the properties of the game to run in compatibility mode.

How do I set compatibility mode? (Windows 7)

Find the Orb Icon on the desktop

Click on the icon using the right mouse button. This will cause a popup menu to appear.

Select properities from the popup menu. You will find this at the bottom of the list. A window will appear.

Select the "Compatibility" tab.

Place a check mark in the box to indicate that you want to run in compatibility mode. And select Windows XP (Service Pack 3)

Click Ok at the bottom and all should be well.

When I take a snap shot in game, it turns out black.

We are still working on this. If this is happening to you please use the contact form to let us know. We would like a copy of the black image and your goddrun.log file.

Hopefully we can get this sorted out soon.

Help! I'm stuck.

Some times is it possible to find yourself stuck somewhere in the game -- stuck as in you can't more forward, backward, sideways, or any which ways.

When this happens use Alt-F5 to return to the beginning point. That means press the alt key down and (while the alt key is still pressed) also press the F5 key.

How can I access in-game help?

Press the F1 key. This will present you with a help menu giving you many -- but not all -- tricks, hints, and explanations of keyboard functions.

The world is tilted. I can't see straight any more.

In older orbs it is possible to use the alt key in conjunction with the arrows and/or mouse to tilt the world. This was a feature once upon a time. And yes, it seemed to make sense at the time.

But, experience has demonstrated that new players can accidentally tilt the world and not know how to use the alt mouse trick to straighten it out. So we have removed this function in later orbs and upgrades.

What to do if you have a game that still tilts? Use the Alt-F5 key to jump back to the start facing a nice new straight up and down world.