The Laws That Make It Work

All this talk about MOJOs, and what the heck-darn are they, anyway, and what do they do?

What they are in Einsteinian "common" space are bags with things in them, magical things, powerful things, you know...stuff.

It might contain herbs, waxes of various kinds, bones, dust or dirt, rope or string and a number of other "botanical curios" that you'll find in the back of any local Botanica or Brujeria.

I don't mean to suggest that these are the only things you'll find; not at all. You'll also see candles, lots and lots of different kinds of candles, some in glass jars, some open, some coated and some oiled with a fragrant essential aura.

You're probably familiar with some of the other invocational gadgets we'll be employing in cyberspace.

There's the incense -- I provide a variety of Tibetan and Indian incenses that match precisely those incenses I offer in Gorby's Gift Shop, along with matching headgear, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and clothing of various kinds that can help you resonate with and communicate two-ways with your in-game Avatar.


Big Secret Time.

Law of Contagion. Law of Similarity. Two major laws of Magic, meaning "fringe science by today's standards and knowledge".

Here's the secret, coming up now:

Both of these common terms describe an invisible connection, a Coupling Factor, between two seemingly unconnected and unrelated people, places or things.

Science cannot presently see the connection when prayer, invocation, blessing or mental and emotional powers are used to establish a connection, but there is more than ample evidence that it is so. There are entire expensive government agencies devoted entirely to the study of ESP and related phenomena as it can be applied in warfare and international espionage.

International, heck. I did it for the U.S. government and for the private sector. Give me a bit of Industrial Espionage every time, but you can keep the government job!

Act on "A" and "B" reacts, even though "B" is billions of light-years or whole universes away!!!

The Twin Syndrome. What Einstein called "Spooky Action At A Distance", which we call the Quantum Entanglement Effect

Everyone knows that it exists, that there's some sort of powerful force that connects us all. Heck-darn, even evil beings like Darth Vader and Emperor what's-his-name know that The Force is within all things and that everything is everything else.

Thing is, without some sort of Coupling Factor to connect them, people, places and things could easily co-exist together within the same space and never encounter each other or become aware of one another.

That's sort of the way universes stack; by frequency, along a sort of vertical spectrum with violet-blue at the very very top.

That'd be Norton Street. We'll talk later about that.

Meanwhile, let's look at Charms, Amulets & Talismen.

These are not MOJOs -- meaning that they're not exactly what you're looking for, not directly. They merely make it easier to find what you're looking for, by a measured percentage, anywhere from +10% to +30 to Magic Find. If you're not experienced at this sort of thing, be patient with yourself; with experience comes knowledge and understanding and eventually, one hopes, wisdom, the crowning achievement of them all.

The point is that if you have on your person or somewhere close by, you will RESONATE better with the target items in the Quantum Space of the Prosperity Path Level, get it?

Resonance is the key factor to achieving Similarity.

How you resonate is to use the same incense, the same candle, the same powder, the same oil, the same type of meteorite, the same objects and smells and sounds that your on-screen Avatar is seeing as you move your character through the spaces provided in the Prosperity Path Level.