Getting Started

How do you get started on the path towards prosperity?

  1. Download an orb.
    • Visit Prosperity Path Remedies page
    • Select an orb of your choice. Whether you use your intuition or common sense to select an orb -- you cant go wrong.
    • Navigate to the page for the orb of your choice.
    • You simply press the download button on the page. (Typically just right of the title).
    • You will be directed to a paypal page where you must pay a modest fee of $5.99
    • If you don't have a paypal account you can choose "DONT HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT" and pay with your creditcard as you normally would.
    • You should now be directed to a download page. And, if you have given a corect email address, you will also receive an email which contain a link to the download.
    • Click on the download link.
    • Save the download on your computer. Please remember where you save the download to.
  2. Install the game.
    • When you have downloaded the game you will find it in the folder you have either choosen or it will most likely be in the download folder, if you cant find it and have windows 7 or vista you can make a search by clicking the blue windows tab in the left corner in the bottom and write the name of the game in the searchbox.
    • When you have found the game you click on it or choose the command open and the file will start installation.
    • Follow the instructions in the installer and it should be pretty darn simple.
    • You might get a message from Windows suggesting that "Windovs is not certain that this program is installed correctly." This is not a problem, the game will have installed correctly. This is fine. Just click "The software installed correctly."
  3. Play the game.
    • Double click the icon on your desktop to start the game. It is okay to allow the game to make changes.
    • You will be asked to enter your name. Please do.
    • Click okay, go, do it, play, or whatever buttons pop up next.
    • You will now be in the game.