How to Run a Prosperity Path Level

If you're wondering how to run a Prosperity Path Level, nothing could be simpler. I'll give you a total step by step rundown, and here it is:

Download and install the level, as per instructions and prompts. It's fast and easy and it actually does itself, all you do is click "okay".

Next, invoke the level you've selected to run. Let's say "True Love Forever" -- not actually a random selection ... I happen to have dozens of actual in-level screenshots of that, so it's an easy time-saving decision to make.

Okay, so in this particular circumstance, you start out in the back of Merry Meet's "Compleat Enchanter" Blessing Shoppe.

First thing that'll happen is, you'll hear a voice giving you information and instruction, plus a screen text telling you more or less the same thing, which is that you can't leave the shop until you are prepared for your journey.

Actually, how you prepare for your Quest is by allowing Merry to exteriorize you about a meter or two behind and slightly above your head, the normal Operating Position for a Being, or Soul Body, called by us formerly ancient Egyptians the Soul Bird or Ka -- the spiritual twin of the physical self, which commonly travels just behind and slightly above the organic body -- or does, where I come from.

On the Prosperity Path, we call that condition of operating a body from behind it "Going HUD".

So after a while of operating like that in cyberspace, you won't mind if all of a sudden you slip into that mode for real, right? That's the idea. The Soul operates the body from behind and slightly higher on a vertical plane.

You'll have a much better sense of what to do and where to go and how to operate if you've been doing it a while, don't you think? No panic, because it's all very familiar -- you've been operating out of body all the time, running Prosperity Path orbs and you feel really good about running the body from out of body!!!

So you won't panic when you find yourself actually out of body.

That, at any rate, is The Theory.

The Practice is up to you.

Okay, so where were we???

Oh, yes, you were having yourself exteriorized by Merry over at the front counter of the shop, weren't you???

That having been accomplished, you'll note that the front door is now open, and a voice and screen message will confirm that you are out of body and that the door is open and will probably suggest something like, "why don't you see what's happening over at the Labyrinth???".

So if you've already looked around the shop to your satisfaction, you'll leave the shop and ... wait a moment. There's someone or something back in there who could travel with you invisibly and improve your chances of finding more Mojo.

That is the object.

The more Mojo you find, the more powerful the Blessing!

You travel to the right -- that's West, by the way, from the shop on The Boulevard. You'll be seeing a lot of that Boulevard and shop as you work through the Class Levels and run your Remedials!!!

Did you do your simulations this morning?

Sure, I know, you're impatient to get started ... so let's rock & roll!

We enter the Labyrinth and first of all, we notice that there are a number of chests or trunks of some kind lying about.

When we open one, it gives us a treasure! But you can only open each one once. They become inactive once you've sprung it open.

You can receive important bits and pieces for your Blessing from these Treasure Chests, but they don't count as actual Treasure, no indeed.

Actual Treasures are indicated on your HUD, the Heads-Up Display across the bottom of your screen.

There's quite a bit of information there, and you might just want to take a look-see at the Prosperity Path HUD page that tells you what each thing means, or read my chapter on the HUD.

You'll also see some bright, shiny inscribed disks. They are your Brass Ring, your meat & potatoes, your bread & butter, the cat's meow -- the very thing you're looking for.

They are the MOJOs, and MOJOs are what power your Blessing.

The more MOJOs you manage to find in a Level, the better, more powerful, and far more certain of success, will be your Active Blessing.

You're looking to get all the way through the Level, sure, but ... stop and consider. It's far better to be thorough and methodical. No single Rule of Left or Rule of Right will prevail in all Levels.

The further up the Classes you go, the tougher the challenges and the more skills you'll need. But right now, for the Remedials, you need nothing but the Will to Do.

So wade on in there and see what you can find. Scour the Labyrinth, leave no stone unturned and no casket, basket or chest be left unplundered!

Periodically, you will reach a Level of Achievement. This will vary with the type of Blessing you're running.

Typically there are 7 Achievements to be unlocked in each Level. When you have reached your present limit of MOJO, you will be sent to a website to find out which Further Quest you have unlocked.

Simple? Yes, but it will still take you some time to get through a Level, even after some practice. It's intended to.

The purpose of getting you mazed out in the Labyrinth is to slow you up, make you consider more where you are, where you seem to be, and what you're actually doing and what you hope to accomplish by doing that thing.

It's a form of guided meditation, an Induction, if you will, into a space and time far, far away and not at all attainable from here by any means known to human beings of Planet Earth.

But those means are indeed known to a few who are, let us say, from a different Lineage.

This is one of those.

It has a Higher and a Lower Path; The Remedials are for personal life issues. The Classes are designed as a Higher Spiritual Path. Both are useful. It isn't an evil thing to clean up your act and get your life in order. Some folks may tell you that it's bad to take control of your life, but it just ain't so. It's a Blessing to yourself and to those around you who must endure your manifestations; the higher they are, the better for us all.