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Welcome to the Quantum Magic Videos

QMV Youtube Channel

You can use these videos along with the power of compassion to change the world, benefit yourself, others, and all beings everywhere.

The way that you activate this powerful tool is by simply acknowledging and making it real for yourself.

If you find these video useful please share them with others, leave a comment letting us know how it is going for you.

Free Online Training Available

On the QMV Youtube Channel you can find a series of videos that walk you step by step through the complete Quantum Magic Video Course.

When you finish the course you will be qualified to run QMVs for yourself, and have the training to run for the benefit of others.

Everything you need is there. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.



I really want to congratulate you for bringing out QMV.

If I remember correctly, I was part of that livestream where it was announced that idhhb will be bringing orbs in videos format. I also remembered EJ telling that it was you, who thought that game engine technology will not be able to sustain for long but videos will be there.

In start, having experienced great powers of orbs, I did not felt it much encouraging. I did not take much interest.

But paula put me into bardo coaching certification program with free book, where to get a certificate and free book - I did 3 weeks QMV runs and where I started some feeling for it.

But now, I truly salute you for your fore-sightedness and remote sensing skills or whatever you call it.

This is just remarkable gift from you.

In longer run, playing orbs would have discontinued or may have become inconvenient. But these videos rocks. Comfort+convinience+results are too awesome.

I felt earlier they won't be as effective. But then you said if orbs are 10, QMVs are 9.

But I truly feel, if played correctly with power of visualisation and affirmation... these brings amazing 10 on 10 results of even more or may be equal if not more.

Plus some remedy orbs like blessings, protection can be done in 6 minutes.

So much thanks and congratulations.


I have rediscovered my lost days of glory which I had when I started my journey with the orbs.

I am again on a high today, this time not with orbs or alcohol. But unleashing the power of quantum magic videos.

Certainly, with time - orbs could become boring and one needs great motivation to continue for long hours on computer. But now I truly realise that the next gen version of orbs - QMV is the best thing that has happened to me, and for that matter happen to everyone who sincerely uses it.

QMVs are awesome. Sit back, or stand, relax or lay... QMVs are at your service. What great gift. Some terrific Bodhisattva tools. Create, help, heal or manifest- just by watching these videos for anyone or yourself.

Have never felt so empowered, secure, hopeful and connected to god. These magic tools works irrespective of your belief system . And they work everytime without fail.

Secret also lies in stacking the power of QMVs. Running one two three four five QMVs, just after one another without break, stacks the power greatly . So greatly that what happens after is unbelievable.

Thank you to the whole Urthgame team...everyone out there responsible for this great tool.

R.A. -- India

"I run the Quantum Magic Videos every day. I get the playlist going and I go about my day. It makes me feel that I am in prayer for others while doing my various daily obligations at the same time. I am so happy to have this particular tool to work with. The spaces are so wonderful to be in. I feel that the Quantum Magic Videos are charged with Magic and that by running them and also running the regular Orbs I am helping the situation in some way."

Yanesh, California