Beginning Suggestions for Running An Orb

Here are a few beginning suggestions on how to get around in the Prosperity Path Orbs (games).

First let's start with the end.


Any time you wish to exit an orb, press the escape (ESC) key. Most keyboards have it in the upper left. After pressing esc you will see a question something along the line of "Press Y to confirm."

All of the games will exit naturally when you get to the end. This is easiest to see in orbs such as Clear Light and Approval. They are very short to run. Some of the Remedy Orbs are longer. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete. So it is natural when playing long orbs to exit and then start again later. Hence we added the escape key exit to all the orbs.


For general help with the keyboard and basic functions of the Orb you can use the F1 key. This is one of the function keys found next to ESC on many keyboards.


There are two different ways to move around in the Orbs:

  1. Use the arrow keys.
    Up arrow = forward, down arrow = backwards, left arrow to the left, and right arrow to the right.
  2. Use the mouse.
    If you have a mouse and use that to move around you would press the right mouse button to move forward and then change directions by moving the mouse on the mouse pad. Move the mouse to the left to turn left, move the mouse to the right to turn right.

  3. Touch Pad.
    The touch pad can be tricky to use, but it is activated so that you may use it. The instructions are similar to those of the mouse.