You can use any of the Remedy Orbs as Karma Feedback Readouts, but...there's a catch. It takes a while. And you can use any of the Remedy Orbs, but you mightn't have the time to do so. For both of these problems, no worries! For there is now.

(SOUND: trumpets blasting)


What is it? It's just what it sounds like, a Insta-Fix. Basically, it's sort of a Remedy Orb cut down to the max, reduced right down to the nitty-gritty, in a "Let's get right down to work" mode. Professional runners will like them. How does it work?

You spawn into the shop as usual, prepare as usual with the Preparation Ritual as prompted by the characters in the Orb, then run out into a very curtailed street, from whence you blast forthwith directly into the Labyrinth. You get one measly chamber in, and suddenly, Kabam!!! Everything happens at once; your chart shoots up to wherever it's going to go, and that's it. You can snap a screenshot of the f7 chart, copy off the numbers, wander around in the Orb or pop over to the urthgame website for more fun spirit projects! Consider the Quick-Fix Group as sort of an Astral Shotgun on Transcendental Steroids. I even have an Instant Feedback Karma Readout in the Quick-Fix stable, upcoming in the next few days, pending testing, and I'm working on a plan to put World Peace and Green Planet into a Quick-Fix, if it's wanted.